Fossile 3


Fossile 3


Rudi Mahall – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Etienne Nillesen (NL) – Drums, prep. Snare
Sebastian Gramss – Double bass / Composition

“Short durations….
….the essentials in a nutshell.”


Nominated for German Jazzaward (2011)
SWR Jazzaward for Rudi Mahall (2012)
ECHO 2013 & 2018 (Bass) for Sebastian Gramss

In our world of cellular ring tones and telephone waiting queue melodies, this trio maintains a final contact to the inexhaustible energy reserves of the jazz tradition and gives these fossil fuels a cunning, new frame. Fossile 3 is strongly influenced by the old shellac and single formats: Compact topics, small variations and compromised solos … short and sweet is the motto…

78 RPM

(Gligg Records, 2013)
78 RPM – CD 13.99€


(Konnex, 2011)
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Der Spiegel (2011)

….erdige Musik mit griffigen Melodien von der europäischen Jazzanvantgarde.

Jazzthetik (2011)

Rudi Mahall + Sebastian Gramss: Das Gipfeltreffen der tiefen Töne.

DA (03/2011)

…eine Wundertüte voller skurriler Miniaturen, sehr knapp und prägnant.

Jazzthetik (01/2011)

Mahall + Gramss setzen mit Fossile 3 ein besonderes Ausrufezeichen!

Gitarre + Bass (02/2011)

Eindringlich + intensiv: Sehr lebendige Fossile… beeindruckende Musiker + orginelle Kompositionen.

Hifi & Records (02/1011)

…hohes artistisches Niveau + verblüffender Esprit.